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Your favourite top 5 TV series "not to Miss"

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SurE, 7 Dec 2011.

  1. SurE

    SurE Surrey Resident

    I've been looking around for a new "not to Miss" TV Series

    Currently my Top 5 favourites are:

    1) Fringe
    2) Misfits
    3) Dexter
    4) The Event
    5) Lost <= but it's finished now
    and a few others that aren't bad:
    6) Prison Break
    7) Heroes (but a bit bored of it now)

    I'm looking for something new, a sci-fi lost/x-file series would be great (but Prison Break and the Dexter aren't sci-fi, so I'm not that fussed)

    I've noticed a few potentials:
    - Under Covers
    - Terra Nova
    - Falling Skies

    I don't know how good the above 3 are, it would be good to see other peoples top 5 to give some ideas :)
  2. IanP

    IanP Surrey Resident

    I don't know about top 5, I don't tend to watch much tv in the evenings at the moment. If you haven't already tried it then I would recommend "Mad Men". For something funny 30 Rock is pretty good, and there is loads of it so if you've not seen it to date then it there is loads to catch up on! I've heard good things about The Wire too but not actually seen it yet.
  3. pauline

    pauline Surrey Resident (new)

    Mad Men is very good I agree! Also I have heard a lot about Downton Abbey (if you like drama) and Game of Thrones (if you like fantasy).
  4. Maria

    Maria Surrey Resident

    If you like "Mad Men" you might like "Panam"?
    And if you like fantasy, True Blood is great!
  5. Alexkazam

    Alexkazam Surrey Resident (new)

    I watch all my TV on iplayer so I can see most TV programmes when I like.

    For sheer laughs- TV burp and "The hotel" are both very funny.
  6. zfsanwal

    zfsanwal Surrey Resident (new)

  7. zfsanwal

    zfsanwal Surrey Resident (new)

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