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---> The Hello Thread <---

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to Surrey Forum' started by Rajani R, 10 Aug 2011.

  1. Rajani R

    Rajani R Surrey Resident (new)

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Rajani R, a teacher by profession. I am a new member of surrey Forum.

    I live in sutton and I am a science teacher specialized in Physics.

    I came to UK last year . I have been working as a Physics teacher in some of the schools in London and an FE college in guildford.

    Hope to get some valuable tips and advices from you all and really hope to enjoy my membership in surrey forum.

    Many Thanks
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  2. pauline

    pauline Surrey Resident (new)

    Hi Rajani, I live in Guildford and work in IT. Surrey is a lovely place to live and I hope you are very happy here. Welcome to the forum! :)
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  3. Rajani R

    Rajani R Surrey Resident (new)

    Thank you Pauline. I have worked as a Physics Lecturer in Guildford College for 4 months. It was a lovely college.
    Hope to keep in touch.:)
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  4. LukeKeating

    LukeKeating Surrey Resident (new)

    Hi Rajani R

    To your success!
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  5. Joe Segar

    Joe Segar Surrey Resident (new)

    Hi Surrey Forum users, I'm Joe Segar from Godalming. I specialise in fitness, martial arts & self defence training for all. Look forward to communicating with you and all users.
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  6. Maria

    Maria Surrey Resident

    Hi Joe, welcome to the forum!
  7. sandra

    sandra Surrey Resident (new)

    Moving to Guildford from Berkshire with my hubby in October. Just checked in here to see what's going on in the community!
  8. Mike224

    Mike224 Surrey Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hi Sandra.

    Guildford is a great place to move to. I also moved to Guildford from Berkshire (Reading), in fact I've lived in lots of places. I spent along time in Edinburgh, but have finally settled here with my partner Pauline (who happens to Admin this forum ^^) and already Guildford feels like home :)

    I'm sure you'll enjoy Guildford, there are lots of walks, bike rides, tourist attractions and things to do (many great pubs and bars )
    Some things are a little pricey. Renting / buying property isn't cheap close to the city centre, but I'm sure you will love it here
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  9. Mike224

    Mike224 Surrey Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hi Joe!

    Glad you could join us. I'm sure we all feel better knowing you're keeping Surrey fit and protected ;)

    Good to have you on Surrey Forum
  10. Mike224

    Mike224 Surrey Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hi Rajani,

    If you're fairly new to Surrey, dont forget to keep your eye on the "Things to do in Guildford" section, Guildford is such a great place for walks and cycle rides!

    If you have a tuition web site, you can point your signature to that (if not, Local Tutor is always Free to join ;) )

    Welcome to Surrey Forum.
  11. Bob

    Bob Surrey Resident (new)

    Hi everyone

    I am Bob and have been living in Surrey for over 15 years.

    I teach and tutor mathematics and am also a musician playing the piano/keyboard in pubs, restaurants and private function.
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  12. Jay

    Jay Surrey Resident

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  13. pauline

    pauline Surrey Resident (new)

    Welcome to the forum Jay! As a balloon artist do you participate in fairs or other public events in Surrey or mainly private parties?
  14. Mike224

    Mike224 Surrey Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hi Jay... Its great to see some local companies joining the Forum.

    I'd love all companies that joined Surrey Forum to increase their exposure to the Surrey community, so I will try to help where I can (even if my help isn't wanted :) )

    - Local companies can really benefit from the forum by adding a signature link, and pointing that signature to their own web site
    (Like I've done below) <click here to update your signature> Once there, write some text, for instance "Balloon Fantastic". Once you've done this, select the text, then click the little chain-link to add a link
    This means every time you create a post/thread or join in a conversation, people immediately see the signature link and may even click through to your web site

    - There's also the business sections where you can add a post
    Add a post to this section mentioning how your business stands out (sell yourself ;) ) <sell yourself here > To sell yourself further, you can even upload some balloon images, and they'll be displayed in a FaceBook style gallery

    - I just had a look at your site, it's a good looking design, but there is no text, making it quite hard for search engines to pick out what the site is about
    The sites that do well on search engines are full of text (like wiki for instance).
    Having said that, the domain name is great (Balloons Surrey !!!)

    - If you haven't done already, its worth adding your self to google maps: <link here>

    I'll definitely keep Balloon Fantastic in mind for any future parties / weddings /events and... its my birthday soon <nudge nudge Pauline>
  15. Mike224

    Mike224 Surrey Forum Admin Staff Member

    Hi Bob, I'm glad you could join Surrey Forum

    Maths and Music go hand in hand. I had a Maths teacher at Uni that often pulled out his Violin to explain things related Mathematical Series

    I've forgotten most of it now, since I majored in Chemistry and only took maths to 2nd year level, it was possibly "Alternating/General harmonic series".
    In fact, he got his violin out to explain quite a lot of mathematical principles. He was a great lecturer and I think the playing helped us all concentrate.
  16. Jay

    Jay Surrey Resident

    Hi Pauline, thank you for your kind words, I am in the process of getting a new website designed by a professional company as this one is done by a friend who does not have time to do anything, so in a few weeks i should have something up and running. Hopefully then I can add links etc. domain name will remain.
    I am on google maps and we are still a newish, small business that is very good even if i must say so myself.;)
    Have done work for debanhams in sutton and kingston hospital to drop a couple of names lol.

    I will try the things above you have mentioned, thanks for the heads up.

    I really like this site and hope it works out well for you. local is good.

    Kind regards Jay.

    Ps have a look at balloon fantastic on facebook it you get a chance for some more pics.
  17. sandra

    sandra Surrey Resident (new)

    Thank you for replying! We are closer to finding a house, if all works out we will be very close to the town centre. Everyone I've talked to has had good things to say about Guildford so far.
  18. Vic Ruocca

    Vic Ruocca Surrey Resident (new)

    My name is Vic and i come from Redhill. I own a small chauffeur Service provifing services to the community for airport transfers, Wedding Cars, Hospital trips for the elderly and cars for special occasions. I and my Wife Linda have lived in Redhill for approx 8 1/2 years.
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  19. pauline

    pauline Surrey Resident (new)

    Hi Vic, welcome to the forum!
  20. Mike224

    Mike224 Surrey Forum Admin Staff Member

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