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New productions in Guildford

Discussion in 'Cinema / Theatre' started by IanP, 16 Jan 2012.

  1. IanP

    IanP Surrey Resident

    Hi all,

    I see that there hasn't been anything posted in this area for a little while now. I was just wondering what we could expect to see in terms of dramatic production in 2012? Will there be much on over February half-term?
  2. Nick Wyschna

    Nick Wyschna Guest

    In October there is a production of The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Borwn. This multi-award winning Broadway musical is set in contemporary New York.It chronicles the relationship of actress Cathy and ambitious novelist Jamie.Jason Robert Brown, the composer and lyricist, has cleverly woven their two perspectives in opposite directions.Jamie’s view starts from the hopeful and exciting beginnings of their relationship while Cathy’s journey begins at the end of their break-up and goes backwards in time ending with their first meeting.
    Its going to be at the Back Room at The Star Inn, Quarry Street, Guildford.
    2nd-6th October at 7:30 each night
    Box Office 01483 444334
    Online bit.ly/GuildfordFringe
  3. Martin Giles

    Martin Giles Guest

    I might be able to help you with publicity. Can you call me please?
    Martin Giles
    The Guildford Dragon NEWS

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