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Surrey SEO Are you scared of Google?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Jenny.seo, 20 Mar 2012.

  1. Jenny.seo

    Jenny.seo Surrey Resident (new)

    I've heard this plenty times, most people you come across seem scared of SEARCH ENGINES and specifically Google. They aren't sure how to use Google to their advantage and help them rank higher. Yes while Google and their constantly changing algorithms can be pretty intimidating, there is no reason to fear it. With the right knowledge and understanding of how SEO is affected by Google's algorithm and also by using the free tools like Webmaster and Analytics among others we can certainly improve our ranking and stay friends with the search engines.
  2. Mike224

    Mike224 Surrey Forum Admin Staff Member

    In my personal opinion, the "power" of Google is slowly phasing out.

    It's still an incredible might and a top consideration when thinking about Marketing your business, but people are trending towards using Social Media Marketing

    Small business get a much faster impact when using social media ( twitter / facebook / youtube promotions)

    It can take a long time to get ranked well in the SERPs for the more competitve key word phrases (it's often easy to get ranked for terms that people do not search)

    I'm a fan of Google webmaster tools (they are useful to know how anything has impacted your SERP results), and they're easy to start using.
    Just sign in to google and go here:
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  3. SurE

    SurE Surrey Resident

    What is really scarry, is that Google own an SEO company

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  4. Jenny.seo

    Jenny.seo Surrey Resident (new)

    Good point you make Mike :) Not sure if I 100% agree but I like the structured opinion and think it sure carries some interest.
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  5. jamee88

    jamee88 Surrey Resident (new)

    There is no point of being scared of Google. Its all about dealing appropriately with Google. If you fail to rank high up in Google,its because the tactic you applied wasnt efficient enough. change your tactics, Adopt a different SEO method and try again:)
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  6. mdavid

    mdavid Surrey Resident (new)

    have you committed a crime that you should be afraid of Google catching you?:) Then why to fear when you arent guilty. You should learn to face it not fear it:)
  7. jamee88

    jamee88 Surrey Resident (new)

    It is not about getting scared, the thing is that deploying proper SEO strategy involves deep understanding of the behavior and likes of the search engines. The issue here is the appropriateness of SEO marketing when there is an intense shift towards the Social Media and alike. I think Jenny has a good point because the immense use of social media has created a market it self where buyer can find seller and vice-versa while sitting at home so SEO efforts do seem to be less promising than other emerging tactics.
  8. bbrian

    bbrian Surrey Resident (new)

    Well at the end of the day, Google itself is also a RESOURCE that we all use for our varying purposes. No crime in that i suppose

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