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Surrey Victoria Tay - Personal Stylist

Discussion in 'Surrey Businesses' started by Victoria Tay, 5 Sep 2017.

Victoria Tay - Personal Stylist
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Guernsey Farm Drive
GU21 4BE
Geographical Area(s) Covered
All of Surrey, also East Sussex, Hampshire (as far as Winchester) - area limit is Beaconsfield
Opening Hours
Monday-Friday 9.00-17.00 - other hours by arrangement
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  1. Victoria Tay

    Victoria Tay Surrey Resident (new)

    Helping ordinary people find extraordinary confidence - I help people find their inner fabulous. I also offer wardrobe editing and de-clutter services, styling for events (weddings, proms) and personal shopping days.

    I run a program for 16 to 24 year olds to help them navigate the world of corporate dress codes - Decode The Dress Code launched on September 1st to coincide with the new school year and the start of careers advice for those finishing their education and moving onto the world of work.

    For more information please visit my website.

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